Value Creates Opportunity


Value creates opportunity. Who hasn’t wants more disposable cash to immature and irresponsible things with? The two most popular questions I recieve are how do you save money? And how do you increase your bankroll? The third is always where did you get all of that disposable income?

Good questions right? It really isn’t a secret. I play daily fantasy sports, I work a solid job, and I live with in my means. I look for value in some places and I spend up in others. If I’m eating alone I probably am going to scale back. If I meet a girl on tinder or am going on a date I’m probably going to scale up. Like everything else in life it comes down to management and common sense.

That is why I never really understood compulsive gambling. Sure it feels good, and the highs and the lows run through your veins like heroine, but you can’t become rich off of emotion.

I tend to treat most of my life like that. There is a reason I have one credit card, there is a reason behind choosing the cable package that I chose. If I don’t need it, or I don’t love it. I don’t want it. That allows me to focus my efforts on the places I do.

Please don’t get me wrong. I gamble, I drink, I invest, and I live recklessly sometimes. The biggest difference? I don’t bet the house and if I lose I don’t feel that bad.

When in it comes to this stuff. My way is simply better.


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