New Year Same Old Me


The New Year usually brings change and a renewed sense of starting fresh. I used to create a New Years resolution every year. I realized over the past five or six years that it was better to choose something I knew I could continue from the previous year. Continue to save money, continue to be authentic, continue to try and be a good person.

2014 was a disaster. I started things I never finished (this blog is a good example), I canceled significant obligations, and I spent a good portion of it in and out of depression and pure anger.

I’m going to give this blog one more shot. I’m going to attempt to use it as an outlet for how I feel on a daily basis. I feel like it will be significantly cheaper then a therapist.

I have recently discovered that quality and not quantity is something that is important to me.

When I first started this blog and when I published my first e book I focused on the monetary potential of both. This year I’m taking a differnt approach and focusing on the quality of my writing and the quality of my life.


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