Details Create Success


Iv’e been in management now for a awhile. I’ve participated in group training, individual training, and I have been a mentor to a lot of people in my short career. If you’ve read my previous posts you know I get a lot of questions and a lot of emails. Not only about work but fantasy sports, and investing. Recently I received an email from a peer comparing my planning and preparation for projects to Bill Belihick. Naturally I was flattered. Continue reading


Value Creates Opportunity


Value creates opportunity. Who hasn’t wants more disposable cash to immature and irresponsible things with? The two most popular questions I recieve are how do you save money? And how do you increase your bankroll? The third is always where did you get all of that disposable income? Continue reading

New Year Same Old Me


The New Year usually brings change and a renewed sense of starting fresh. I used to create a New Years resolution every year. I realized over the past five or six years that it was better to choose something I knew I could continue from the previous year. Continue to save money, continue to be authentic, continue to try and be a good person. Continue reading